This blog is dedicated to exploring the biblical, theological, philosophical, and historical ideas of equality and how they relate to the debate over gender between egalitarians and complementarians. Primarily, I take special interest in the logical arguments for and against the concept of equality particularly with regard to the “equal in being, different in role” scheme. The writings of Rebecca Merrill Groothuis are a special focus for me (here) as well as my own contribution to her discussion.

Other issues of note are the ongoing controversies over the Trinity and the redemptive-movement hermeneutics developed by William J. Webb. I am inclined to a non-eternal subordinationist position and see some merit in the redemptive-movement idea, but am open to exploring the subjects further and how they relate to the debate over gender roles. Commentary on biblical passages are also of interest, but only as my level expertise allows. Mostly what you will find here is me pointing to commentary already in print.


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  1. Nice; equality is a fascinating topic to discuss. Looking forward for your posts

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