RMG on Palin and Complementarianism

Rebecca Merrill Groothuis has an insightful post on the Com-Palin controversy here. Money quote:

In the end, it seems that the “clear teaching” and literal meaning of Scripture on “complementary roles” for manhood and womanhood—which up to now has fairly consistently meant that God created men to be leaders and created women to be subordinate to male leadership—is not such a consistent and comprehensive perspective after all. Rather, when push comes to shove, it simply means that in the church and home, men must be the boss and women must be subordinate to male authority. Outside these two realms, gender “complementarity” is either moot or nonexistent. What, exactly, God did at creation is immensely unclear. God did not create man and woman with certain different propensities inherent to the nature of manhood and womanhood, because, after all, outside the church and home, in the world at large, “differences,” whether deemed mandated or inherent, disappear. There is definite confusion in the camp of the complementarians.


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