SBC’s Richard Land on Palin

More Pro-Life Reaction to John McCain Picking Abortion Opponent Sarah Palin:

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: “Governor Palin is a vice-presidential selection which shows that John McCain at the age of 72 today is still able to think outside the box. Governor Palin will delight the Republican base. She is pro-life. It appears that Senator Obama played it safe in picking Senator Biden and Senator McCain made the bold and unconventional choice in picking Governor Palin.”

Note the irony of a Southern Baptist leader who endorses a woman to be second-in-command for the second highest office in the United States, but would deny her a leadership position in the smallest Southern Baptist church. Spiritual life must be radically different from political life in the complementarian worldview, otherwise I would expect calls for homemaking and motherhood. It will be interesting to see what CBMW has to say about it in the coming weeks.


One Response

  1. This is the first thing that came to mind when I watched Palin’s acceptance speech. It is a beautiful example of the cognitive dissonance required to hold such a strict complementarian view.

    Fortunately for most of us, our husbands, employers and our secular communities have more respect for our gifts and talents than the church does. When you reach my stage of maturity, you find something else to pour your heart into.

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