Burk on the Difference between Hermeneutics and Profession

Denny Burk gets it right:

What does all of this have to do with the gender debates? Those of us involved in the conversation must not be content merely that the other side professes a high view of scripture. If my complementarian understanding of the Bible is wrong, then I am doing damage to myself and to others whom I influence with my views, and I need to be corrected no matter how loudly I profess inerrancy. If the egalitarians are wrong, then they are doing damage to themselves and to those whom they influence, and they need to be lovingly corrected no matter how vociferously they may profess allegiance to the text.


The Hermeneutics Quiz

Test your biblical blind spots and what you tend not to see. By Scot McKnight I got a 57 which makes me a moderate.